The APVMA Online Services Portal makes it easier to find and report information, and to transact with the APVMA.

For support or enquiries on our services, please contact us.

How to access the portal

To apply to register or vary a product or label, and to make payments in a secure online environment, you need to login to the portal as a registered user.

New users to the portal must complete the APVMA online system new user access form. 

Make an application

When making an application it's important you use the correct application form.

Using the correct form helps prevent delays in processing your application as it reduces the likelihood of your application being re-categorised or refused.

To determine which application form you need you can:

Use tailored guidance for applicants: This specific guidance material provides information about the different types of applications so you can determine which form to use. If you use tailored guidance you do not need to use the decision tree.  


Use the decision tree: The decision tree will determine which form is appropriate for your application based on your answers to a series of questions.

Updated decision tree and new application form

The APVMA has updated the decision tree and published a new application form for item 24.

These upgrades allow users to access modular active constituent approvals and variations using item 24. Further information on active constituent approvals are available in the APVMA tailored guidance.

For now, new item 24 and item 24V applications and their PDFs are not appearing in user dashboards and under submitted applications in the item 24 tab. This is being investigated and a fix is planned. Until then, users can get status updates on their item 24 and 24V applications by contacting their case manager.

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