Seeking your feedback on a new ‘product search' tool

We are seeking your feedback on a beta version of our chemical product search tool  to ensure the final product meets the needs of users.

PLEASE NOTE this is a TEST SYSTEM ONLY. Results from this test system should not be used for official purposes. The beta (Test) version presents information that is not consistent with our existing product search tool, PubCRIS. For example the 'Protected Data' field in this test system has not been fully developed. The test system is provided to enable feedback on the proposed design and search options in developing a fully functional new online database.

Persons seeking to obtain official information regarding the status of a product or active should use PubCRIS to conduct searches and retrieval.

Welcome to the APVMA PubCRIS database search

To search for details including product name, registering company, active constituents and product category, enter single or multiple keywords into the field and click search. For information on stopped, cancelled and expired registrations please use the advanced search options. Results can be sorted by clicking on the arrows in the title bar. If you are experiencing difficulties using this system please contact us for assistance.

Note: Product Expiry Dates are updated during the renewal period in July each year. Active Constituent Approvals do not have expiry dates.

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