Welcome to the Adverse Experience Reporting Program

The APVMA evaluates all the adverse experience reports it receives involving registered agricultural and veterinary chemical products in Australia.

What is an adverse experience?

An adverse experience is an unintended or unexpected outcome associated with the registered use of a product when used according to the approved label instructions. This includes impacts on human beings, animals, crops and the environment or a lack of efficacy.

How do I lodge an adverse experience report?

You can submit a report online by selecting the 'Start a report' option below. Please complete all the required fields(*) and provide as much detail as possible (including details of vets, doctors and/or agronomists reports, pathology and post mortem reports etc., where appropriate). Please note that the information you supply should be accurate and correct. Partially completed reports can be saved and resumed at a later time by selecting the 'Resume report' button below.

Once you have completed the form, the APVMA will provide a reference number for you to record and quote in any further correspondence about your report.